What About These Other Gods?

Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: February 13, 2000
How are we to understand all those other gods? This has been a question millions of Americans have asked. Are they real? Are they false? What should we think? Some people have said, “Well, you see, there is really just one religion with different faces, and we’re all basically going to the same God through different paths.” This was a way we could sort of tone down any conflicts that might exist. But then people began to look at them a little bit more carefully, and we discovered that of those three—Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam---there are very real differences between them and Christianity. Indeed, there are differences between all religions and Christianity. We believe in one God, but within the one godhead, there are three Persons. And so the great religious and philosophical question of the One and the many is solved in Jesus Christ and the Trinity.