About Us

D. JAMES KENNEDY, PH.D. (1930—2007) 

Through his internationally syndicated television and radio broadcasts, Dr. D. James Kennedy became the most-listened-to Presbyterian minister in history. He also became one of the most trusted Christian leaders of his generation and was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters’ “Hall of Fame.” Dr. Kennedy began his Gospel ministry in earnest with the founding of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1959. It was there that he launched the evangelism training ministry Evangelism Explosion International (EE). Today, those trained in EE are leading millions to faith in Jesus Christ every year. Dr. Kennedy authored 70 books, including three bestsellers, Evangelism Explosion, Why I Believe, and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (with Dr. Jerry Newcombe). Other books include the popular devotional, New Every Morning, and Beginning Again, which introduces new believers to the walk of discipleship in Jesus Christ. Dr. Kennedy also founded other Christ-centered outreach ministries, including: Westminster Academy, Coral Ridge Ministries Media, Coral Ridge Ministries, Knox Theological Seminary, the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship, Truth in Action Ministries, D. James Kennedy Ministries, the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership, and the D. James Kennedy School of the Bible. 

Evangelism Explosion International

Founded in 1962, by Dr. Kennedy, Evangelism Explosion is a discipleship ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. The training is based upon the core components of prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication. “Multiplication” is the key component—not just winning people to faith in Christ one-by-one (addition), but by training those won to the Lord to win and train others. This principle is exemplified in the New Testament Book of Acts, where we read that the disciples “multiplied” and “multiplied exceedingly.” This shift from addition to spiritual multiplication offers the one real hope of sharing the Gospel with a world population that is continually multiplying.  Evangelism Explosion International is an independent non-profit educational institution, recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, yet maintaining its historical connection to Dr. Kennedy’s vision for equipping the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. 

Westminster Academy

Founded in 1971, by Dr. Kennedy and the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Westminster Academy is a nationally recognized, accredited, college preparatory school with rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and award-winning fine arts. Students in PK2 through 12th grade are prayerfully immersed in a caring, Christ-centered setting in such a way that Westminster Academy becomes more than a school—it becomes a community. It is within this community that lessons are learned, life is lived, friendships are forged, and worldviews are formed. This all comes together to create a unique experience not found anywhere else—the Westminster Academy experience. With nearly 50 years of service to the body of Christ, the Academy remains decidedly mission-driven, firmly committed to Christian scholarship, and keenly focused on kingdom impact for the glory of God. With these combined core convictions as a cornerstone, Westminster Academy serves Christian families in South Florida by educating and equipping their children to be exceptional thinkers, lifelong learners, and influential leaders with a Biblical and scholarly perspective for college and beyond.

Coral Ridge Ministries Media™

Founded in 1974, by Dr. D. James Kennedy and the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Coral Ridge Ministries Media (CRMM) seeks to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the supremacy of His lordship, and a Biblically informed view of the world, using all available media, so that Jesus Christ would be known throughout the Earth, and that everywhere He might be trusted, loved, and served.  In 1994, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church established Coral Ridge Ministries Media as an independent non-profit educational institution, recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Since that time, all of the media ministries founded by Dr. Kennedy are operated under the umbrella organization CRMM, out of its studios and offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Coral Ridge Ministries.™  From its founding, the media outreach was branded as Coral Ridge Ministries and initially comprised a syndicated radio outreach. In 1978, CRMM launched its nationally syndicated television ministry The Coral Ridge Hour and continued producing its Truths That Transform radio program. In 2003, media professionals at the National Religious Broadcasters awarded The Coral Ridge Hour the honor of being the “Television Program of the Year” and in 2004 they designated the radio program, Truths That Transform, “Best Radio Teaching Program” of the year. In 2005, Dr. Kennedy, himself, was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Coral Ridge Ministries continues as a vital ministry outreach through its archival radio, television, and print resources.

Truth in Action Ministries.™ In 2011, CRMM re-branded its media programming under the name Truth in Action Ministries. Today CRMM’s radio programs continue to operate under that brand today, with its flagship radio program called Truth in Action Radio.

D. James Kennedy Ministries.™ Beginning in 2015, the media ministry launched two new television programs (Truths That Transform and Kennedy Classics) and rebranded the media ministry as D. James Kennedy Ministries. Both television programs are syndicated nationally through cable, satellite, and broadcast outlets.

Knox Theological Seminary

Founded in 1989, by Dr. Kennedy and the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Knox Theological Seminary, is the fulfillment of a vision to rekindle a reformation in our own time through transformative, Biblical education and pastoral preparation. In addition to traditional residential courses of study, Knox offers fully-accredited online degree programs to complement their traditional offerings. Designed to meet students where God has called them and train church leaders around the world, Knox’s online education curricula provides quality theological education, without ever sacrificing academic integrity. In 2013, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church established Knox as an independent non-profit educational institution, recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In doing so, Knox has maintained its historical connection to the legacy of Dr. Kennedy’s vision, while allowing the seminary to expand its outreach as an independent organization.

D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship

Founded in 1995, by Dr. Kennedy and Coral Ridge Ministries Media, the Center for Christian Statesmanship is a spiritually-based outreach to men and women in positions of influence and authority in our nation’s government. The Center’s mission is evangelism, discipleship, ministry training, and restoring a vision for Christian statesmanship. The Center’s work is relational, focusing on Member and staff contacts to provide spiritual support, helpful Biblical resources, and leadership training. Each year, to recognize individuals who exemplify personal faith and a commitment to Christian statesmanship, the Center confers its Distinguished Christian Statesman Award.

D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership

Founded in 2017, the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership exists to address the deficit of preparation for Biblical cultural engagement—especially for leadership service in government and the public policy arena. Its training programs prepare and equip men and women with a wholehearted commitment to serve Christ by engaging the influential institutions of culture—including seeking elected office—with a well-grounded Biblical world and life view.

Leadership Fellows accepted in the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership, are those whose education, religious conviction, and strength of character serve as the foundation of public service. The Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership seeks to build on that foundation through systematic training for competency in distinct skills and knowledge essential to successful leadership service in government and the public policy arena. Leadership Fellows receive more than 160 hours of systematic training aimed at: 1) knowledge base expansion; 2) skill set development; and 3) strategic application.

Knowledge Base Expansion. The first stage of equipping for successful leadership service in the broader culture is the development and expansion of a critically important knowledge base. The single biggest factor influencing the trend line of one’s public policy influence is the breadth of one’s knowledge base. The foundation stones of that knowledge base are: a) a well-grounded Biblical worldview; b) a sound political philosophy; and c) a solid grasp of the Constitutional framework of government.

Skill Set Development. Equipping for leadership service in the broader culture is at base a preparation to engage in a great battle of ideas. The earthly weapons of that warfare are communication, strategy, and planning. With these tools, we contend in the marketplace of ideas. Accordingly, the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership places a core training emphasis on strengthening skills in the areas of: a) communications; b) debate; c) media messaging; d) negotiation; and e) strategic planning.

Strategic Application. With a solid communications skill set, a well-grounded Biblical worldview, a well-articulated political philosophy, a mastery of Constitutional precepts, and public policy positions carefully aligned with these firm foundations, the challenge then becomes how to advance these policies in a partisan political environment. This requires strategic thinking, planning, and a firm grasp of the strategies and tactics of political opponents. This is the real world of leadership and governing. Mastering these concepts, strategies, and tactics often is the difference between being an effective leader and being a bystander.

D. James Kennedy School of the Bible 

An outreach currently in development, the D. James Kennedy School of the Bible comprises several online, distance-leaning curricula, including evangelism, cultural engagement, Biblical apologetics, and leadership training.