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False faith says that salvation is by works; true faith says it is by faith in Jesus alone.
Topics: Salvation
Dr. Kennedy tells a parable about Christmas, showing how many people seem to celebrate it yet they miss the true meaning of the season.
Topics: Christmas , Salvation
Scripture: John 1:1-14
Cur Deus Homo is Latin for Why God Man? Dr. Kennedy answers the question: Why did God become a man?
Topics: Christmas , Jesus , Salvation
Scripture: Romans 1:14-28
The Reformation of 1517 changed the world, and now we need another reformation.
Scripture: James 2:14-24
Salvation is by faith alone, not of works, lest anyone should boast.
Topics: Faith , Salvation
Scripture: Romans 1:16-25
Will God unjustly punish heathen who never heard of Jesus for not believing in Him?
Scripture: Romans 5:1
This message demonstrates that while he began his presidency as an unbeliever, he ended it as a believer in Jesus.
Topics: Lincoln , Salvation
Scripture: Romans 1:16-32
At Christmastime, Dr. Kennedy shows how come we all need Jesus.
Topics: Christmas , Jesus , Salvation
Scripture: Psalm 19:1-6
Dr. Kennedy explains the Gospel using the signs of the Zodiac, while still renouncing astrology.
Grace is more amazing than we realize.