Culture War in America-The

Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: January 23, 1994
We are involved today in a culture war going on in America. Because of the blatant censorship that has gone on in many of our schools and colleges for over a generation, we have a vast multitude of people who know nothing about the real founding of this country. The idea that this nation was founded as a Christian nation was totally unbelievable to the media elite. As former Vice President Dan Quayle said, “What the media wants and what the media demands of Christians is very simply this: your silence.” And we have been all too willing to acquiesce and have obediently become the silent majority. Dr. Kennedy says, “But I, for one, will be silent no longer. I will not be ashamed of Him upon whom my hopes of heaven depend. I will speak the name of Christ and not be ashamed. I will speak for the principles of Christ. I will tell the media I have had enough with the ‘sliming of America.’”