The War Against Christianity

Scripture: John 15:16-21
Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian
Date: May 23, 1993

We live in an age, I am happy to say, which stands foursquare against bigotry and prejudice—unless, that is, the bigotry is directed against Christians, Christ, or Christianity. Michael Novak, the eminent columnist, said some time ago that today you can no longer hold up to public pillorying and ridicule groups such as blacks or American Indians or women or homosexuals or Poles or a number of other groups that he enumerated. Today, the only group which you can hold up to public mockery and pillorying are Christians. Christian freedom in America is under attack by an increasingly hostile culture. Why is it the norm to ridicule Christians as bigots and intolerant hate-mongers? Dr. D. James Kennedy takes you to the front lines and uncovers the reasons in this message.