Devotion: September 20

With All Your Mind

Scripture: Psalm 119:26-27

The idea is repeatedly and almost constantly put forth by the secular media in all of its forms that belief in God and in the Christian faith is somehow irrational, obscurantist, and un-intellectual. By contrast, it is held that unbelief in God and the Christian faith is the rational, enlightened, and intelligent view of life. Though the thesis is hardly ever set forth as clearly and precisely as that, it very subtly seeps into the mindset of modern man from multiple sources.

But is it really so? I am sure that many people have been convinced that it is, including people within the Church. They have concluded that to believe in God and Christianity is to commit intellectual suicide. One must, somehow, have had a frontal lobotomy or parked their brain in the narthex when going in to worship God to hear the preaching of His Word.

This, of course, has a very adverse effect upon human beings because, instinctively, we know that if God has created us, He has obviously given us intellects as well as hearts and souls. It seems inconsistent that we should short-circuit our intellect and leap into a blind faith of some sort.

True worship of God always involves our mind. We are to love God with all our minds. We are to learn, to understand, to meditate, and to wonder at His greatness.


Question to ponder: How can we love God with all our minds?