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Those who hate God love death, and so there is a great devaluation of life in our time, as we move away from God.
The right to life is our most fundamental right, but it is being denied to millions of potential Americans through abortion.
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-9
Temptation is a problem for all of us; Dr. Kennedy shows how to deal with it.
Topics: Sin , Temptation
Dr. Kennedy deals with eternity---Heaven and Hell.
Topics: Death , Jesus , Resurrection
Dr. Kennedy shows how suicide (including mercy-killing) is not an option for Christians.
Scripture: Acts 15:35-41
In His mercy, God gives us second chances.
Dr. Kennedy comments on America’s spiritual well-being (or the lack thereof).
We all need an advocate for when we will appear before the Lord on Judgment Day; Jesus is that advocate.
Topics: Gospel , Jesus , Judgment Day
Dr. Kennedy demonstrates how Heaven is a real hope and Hell is a real threat.
Topics: Heaven , Hell
We need water to live; Jesus satisfies our souls with His water of life.
This is a sermon on how the love of Jesus led the 19th century missionary pioneer, Adoniram Judson.
This Lenten message deals with the unjust trial of Jesus, which led to His death on our behalf.
Scripture: Luke 1:26-35
It makes a world of difference to believe that Jesus was indeed born of a virgin---a concept under great assault in our skeptical age.
By focusing on the Lord, we get a positive attitude, which can change our lives.
We live in a stressful world, but by focusing on the Lord, we can still maintain peace and mind.
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
We may seek Christ, but we find that He actually sought us first.
Scripture: Exodus 14:5-16
Instead of going backwards, God calls us to go forward.