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Dr. Kennedy explodes the myth that evolution is a proven fact and that creation science is only religious.
Scripture: 1 Kings 18:21
Dr. Kennedy provides an exposition of the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal and applies the implications of that conflict for today.
Scripture: Job 5:8-9
God has made us for Himself and He has provided ample evidence to believe in Him.
Topics: Apologetics
The Bible is the greatest book in the world; this message explains why.
Scripture: Romans 11:36
Dr. Kennedy encourages us to have a Christian world-and-life view, a grid through which we evaluate everything with the mind of Christ.
Grace is more amazing than we realize.
Scripture: Matthew 6:7-13
Here is an exposition on the Lord’s Prayer and a commentary on the problem of anti-Christian persecution in our time.
Scripture: Esther 4:14
Esther provides an example of how to live; you are alive “for such a time as this.”
Topics: Calling , Courage , Mission , Purpose
Scripture: Psalm 14:1
God has provided ample evidences of His existence through His creation.
Scripture: James 2:14-24
Salvation is by faith alone, not of works, lest anyone should boast.
Topics: Faith , Salvation
Scripture: John 15:16-21
In our day, there’s an incredible bias against Christianity.
Dr. Kennedy spoke at Yale University on the subject that neither truth nor morality are relative, despite the assertions they are.
Topics: Absolutes , Morals , Speech
Dr. Kennedy corrects the common mistakes that some Christians make, of either being legalistic or licentious in their approach to life.
The Bible has influenced our society like no other book ever.
Topics: Culture , Society , The Bible
Scripture: Exodus 20:1-17
Dr. Kennedy shows how during this age of grace the law of God is not irrelevant (as some people hold).
Topics: Grace , Law , Ten Commandments
The real Thomas Jefferson is the ACLU’s worst nightmare.
Scripture: Acts 4:32-37
Dr. Kennedy explodes the myth that the early church practiced socialism.
Are Christianity and science at odds? No, says Dr. Kennedy, in this compelling message.
Evolution is the root of so many of society’s problems.
Wilberforce was the great model of a Christian in politics applying biblical principles to his politics.
Scripture: Psalm 19:1-6
Dr. Kennedy explains the Gospel using the signs of the Zodiac, while still renouncing astrology.
Many attack the Bible with their hammers, but their hammers get smashed on God’s anvil (i.e., the Bible).
God did great things through St. Patrick who is a model for us even today.
The Trinity has been revealed in creation, which reflects the work of the Triune God.
Topics: God , Trinity , Triune God
Dr. Kennedy gives a history lesson on the Pilgrims who founded Plymouth and why they are significant today.
Scripture: Romans 1:14-28
The Reformation of 1517 changed the world, and now we need another reformation.
Scripture: Romans 1:16-32
At Christmastime, Dr. Kennedy shows how come we all need Jesus.
Topics: Christmas , Jesus , Salvation
Modern America has jettisoned our rich Christian heritage which is what made us great in the first place.
“Tolerance” has been twisted to mean intolerance toward Christianity.
Topics: Morality , Sin
Dr. Kennedy explains God’s principles for national revival.
Topics: Revival
Scripture: John 1:1-14
Cur Deus Homo is Latin for Why God Man? Dr. Kennedy answers the question: Why did God become a man?
Topics: Christmas , Jesus , Salvation
The people of Sodom tried to sodomize angels---they were unaware that they were angels. This message deals with the issue of homosexuality.
Topics: Homosexuality
Scripture: Psalm 33:8-12
Dr. Kennedy explains the Christian roots of America and why they’re significant.
Dr. Kennedy talks about the building block of society---the family and marriage, which was designed by God.
Topics: Family , Marriage
Dr. Kennedy talks about the building block of society---the family and marriage, which was designed by God.
Topics: Family , Marriage
A best-selling novel is causing some to lose their faith---based on many lies.
Topics: Gnostics , Gospel , Jesus
Scripture: John 8:31-36
This message is about spiritual and political liberty.
Scripture: John 10:7-10
Satan is a liar and his promises for a good life should we follow him are ultimately empty boxes.
God is the ultimate founder of America.
Scripture: John 10:7-10
If Christ had not come, we would have no forgiveness nor meaning in life.
Despite the other religions out there, Jesus is the only way to God.
Scripture: Romans 5:1
This message demonstrates that while he began his presidency as an unbeliever, he ended it as a believer in Jesus.
Topics: Lincoln , Salvation
This sermon shows how Jesus Christ has changed our world.
Dr. Kennedy tells a parable about Christmas, showing how many people seem to celebrate it yet they miss the true meaning of the season.
Topics: Christmas , Salvation
Long before Jesus came, many details foretold His origins, birth, ministry, death, resurrection, etc.
In an age of widespread divorce and family breakdown, Dr. Kennedy provides help for hurting families.
Topics: Divorce , Family , Marriage
Our homes were designed by God to be a little foretaste of heaven, but are we doing everything in our power to make our home part of heaven?
Topics: Family , Marriage
Scripture: 1 John 1:1-10
This message makes the case that our first president was an active Christian.
Christians and their responsibilities in the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.
Topics: Politics
Dr. Kennedy shows how the life of Joseph in the Bible provides a model of integrity for us today.
Scripture: Acts 17:1-7
Dr. Kennedy discusses the progress and regress of the Christian church at present.
Dr. Kennedy shows how what the founders intended in the first amendment is not at all what is happening today in the name of the separation of church and state.
False faith says that salvation is by works; true faith says it is by faith in Jesus alone.
Topics: Salvation
We are to be always faithful to Christ, even if that means persecution---as is happening in earnest today to many Christians in certain hot spots around the globe.
There’s a culture war raging in America against Christianity.
Scripture: John 14:1-6
The Scriptures make clear that Jesus is the only way to God; but, of course, this is anathema to our multi-cultural age.
Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6
One of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible is “Do not judge.”
Scripture: Romans 1:16-25
Will God unjustly punish heathen who never heard of Jesus for not believing in Him?
Dr. Kennedy talks about how to develop an attitude of gratitude.
Topics: Thanksgiving
Scripture: Mark 6:45-52
True faith overcomes fear---an important message in our age of anxiety
Topics: Faith , Fear
The great struggle today is between faith and unbelief.
By focusing on the Lord, we get a positive attitude, which can change our lives.
We live in a stressful world, but by focusing on the Lord, we can still maintain peace and mind.
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
We may seek Christ, but we find that He actually sought us first.
Scripture: Exodus 14:5-16
Instead of going backwards, God calls us to go forward.
It makes a big difference when dad is in the home or not.
Topics: Family , Fathers
Scripture: John 20:24-31
Thomas missed the moment of Christ’s first appearance to the apostles after He arose from the dead.
Topics: Resurrection
Dr. Kennedy cuts through the confusion that surrounds the teaching about the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
Dr. Kennedy explains about how great Heaven is---a place where there is no night.
Topics: Heaven
Education today has become godless, and the results have been catastrophic.
Topics: Education
Scripture: Luke 1:26-35
It makes a world of difference to believe that Jesus was indeed born of a virgin---a concept under great assault in our skeptical age.
Dr. Kennedy shows how suicide (including mercy-killing) is not an option for Christians.
Scripture: Acts 15:35-41
In His mercy, God gives us second chances.
Dr. Kennedy comments on America’s spiritual well-being (or the lack thereof).
We all need an advocate for when we will appear before the Lord on Judgment Day; Jesus is that advocate.
Topics: Gospel , Jesus , Judgment Day
Dr. Kennedy demonstrates how Heaven is a real hope and Hell is a real threat.
Topics: Heaven , Hell
We need water to live; Jesus satisfies our souls with His water of life.
This is a sermon on how the love of Jesus led the 19th century missionary pioneer, Adoniram Judson.
This Lenten message deals with the unjust trial of Jesus, which led to His death on our behalf.
Dr. Kennedy deals with eternity---Heaven and Hell.
Topics: Death , Jesus , Resurrection
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-9
Temptation is a problem for all of us; Dr. Kennedy shows how to deal with it.
Topics: Sin , Temptation
Dr. Kennedy delivered a special address to more than 2,500 pastors and Church leadership at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.
Those who hate God love death, and so there is a great devaluation of life in our time, as we move away from God.
Dr. Kennedy explodes the myth that evolution is a proven fact and that creation science is only religious.
Scripture: 1 Kings 3:5-10
Dr. Kennedy addresses the need for discernment to our society which today lacks biblical discernment.
Topics: Decernment , Evil , Good , Mind , Soul
Scripture: Psalm 139:7-14
Dr. Kennedy presents a contrast between creation and evolution, especially as seen in the marvelous design of the human body.
Through His resurrection, Jesus has conquered death.
Topics: Death , Easter , Jesus , Life , Resurrection
The right to life is our most fundamental right, but it is being denied to millions of potential Americans through abortion.
As Christians, we are called by Jesus to be salt and light in this world---to evangelize and to fulfill the cultural mandate.
Scripture: John 14:6
Jesus is the only way to God; this deals with Christianity compared to other religions.
Scripture: Matthew 22:21
Will the Church forget that it plays an important role in society by speaking out on the moral issues?