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God did great things through St. Patrick who is a model for us even today.
Christians and their responsibilities in the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.
Topics: Politics
Dr. Kennedy shows how the life of Joseph in the Bible provides a model of integrity for us today.
Scripture: Acts 17:1-7
Dr. Kennedy discusses the progress and regress of the Christian church at present.
Scripture: 1 John 1:1-10
This message makes the case that our first president was an active Christian.
Our homes were designed by God to be a little foretaste of heaven, but are we doing everything in our power to make our home part of heaven?
Topics: Family , Marriage
In an age of widespread divorce and family breakdown, Dr. Kennedy provides help for hurting families.
Topics: Divorce , Family , Marriage
Long before Jesus came, many details foretold His origins, birth, ministry, death, resurrection, etc.
Dr. Kennedy tells a parable about Christmas, showing how many people seem to celebrate it yet they miss the true meaning of the season.
Topics: Christmas , Salvation
This sermon shows how Jesus Christ has changed our world.
Scripture: Romans 5:1
This message demonstrates that while he began his presidency as an unbeliever, he ended it as a believer in Jesus.
Topics: Lincoln , Salvation
Scripture: Psalm 33:8-12
Dr. Kennedy explains the Christian roots of America and why they’re significant.
Despite the other religions out there, Jesus is the only way to God.
Scripture: John 10:7-10
If Christ had not come, we would have no forgiveness nor meaning in life.
Scripture: John 8:31-36
This message is about spiritual and political liberty.
God is the ultimate founder of America.