The Root of the Problem

Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: March 14, 2004
Title: The Root of the Problem
Short Description: Evolution is the root of so many of society’s problems.
Long Description: Evolution has impacted virtually every aspect of our society, including morality, education, the value of human life, etc. Evolution got rid of God. Does this make any difference in our current society? Yes, it does. Because of evolution, for example, the US Supreme Court has foisted on us these things: 
• Whether or not God should be taught in the classrooms. Nein!
• Whether or not prayer should be directed to God? Nein! 
• Whether or not the Bible should be taught? Nein! 
• Whether or not the Ten Commandments can be posted? Nein! We cannot have that! 
• Whether or not it is legal to abort a child? Of course. 
Dostoyevsky said: “If there is no God, then everything is permissible.” Ironically, evolution isn’t even true, scientifically.