Help for hurting families

Topics: Divorce, Family, Marriage
Preached at: Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Date: November 7, 1993
The crumbling of the American family has become the most significant social issue in America and the cause of most of the other problems we have. We have been led down a primrose path in America, starting around 1960. Until that time, most marriages in America were extraordinarily stable, and most children growing up had overwhelming odds that they would live their entire lifetime in a family where there was a father and a mother present. But then, in the sixties, there came a change in American’s thinking and the siren song began to give forth the lyrics that maybe divorce wasn’t all that bad. Because, you see, the great end and goal in life from their perspective was “freedom,” and “choice,” and “self-fulfillment.” Divorce rates in this country began to skyrocket---and with that comes all the societal problems. Dr. Kennedy addresses how families today can get help.